My 255+ Creative Family Campsite Name Ideas You Can Use (2022)

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Last month I picked up a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter van that was already converted into a camper. It’s a basic rig, but has all the essentials I was looking for: A queen(ish) size bed in the back along with an upper level cot for a kid to sleep in. There’s also creature comforts including four ports for USB power, two electrical plugins, and a refrigerator. Most importantly, the van had bucket seats for my two young girls to sit the back. Here’s a photo of the van.

My 255+ Creative Family Campsite Name Ideas You Can Use (1)

My 2016 Mercedes Sprinter van converted into a camper.

As a result of the newly acquired camper van, we will be hitting the road on our first family camping trip tomorrow morning. We’ll be driving from Boise to Billings, Montana the first day. On day two, we will be heading to North Dakota to visit my parents. My wife and I are crossing our fingers that the 2 year old actually sleeps in the van. Wish us luck!

To have a little fun along the way, we decided to write down a bunch of name ideas for our future family campsite. Between me and my wife, we came up with a lot of options and decided to share them here. You could use these to name a campground or almost any camping business.

All that being said, here are 255+ campsite name ideas you can use. Get started by listing down your favorites and crossing out the ones that don’t fit your vision.

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  • Catchy Campsite Names
  • Campground Name Ideas
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  • Nature Camp Names
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  • Glamping Name Ideas

My 255+ Creative Family Campsite Name Ideas You Can Use (2)

Camping is a timeless way to disconnect from tech and connect.

Campsite Name Ideas

  • Summer Campground
  • Little Campers
  • The Feisty Camping Ground
  • Campers At Heart
  • Majestic Nature Reserve
  • Nature All Around Camping Ground
  • Fun Ranch Camping Site
  • Willow Creek Campsite
  • Wildlife Reserve Campsite
  • Woodpecker Campground
  • Summer Camp Flare
  • Hill Wood Camping Site
  • Marshmallows Camping Ground
  • Kids At Heart Camping Ground
  • Stomp Your Feet Camping Ground
  • Golden Campsite
  • Fire Wood Nature Reserve
  • Indian Warriors Wooden Ranch
  • Green Nature’s Ranch
  • Camping Geek Universe
  • Tiny Campers World
  • Green Meadows Campsite

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  • Fighting Ground Camping Site
  • Pine Crest Camping Land
  • Land Of The Campers
  • Summer Loving Campers Site
  • Woodlands Nature Reserve
  • Keep Them Camping
  • Milk Tree Camping Hub
  • Lake Valley Camping Site
  • Adventure Troopers Camping Site
  • Camp Fire Lovers Campsite
  • Campground Fighting Spirit
  • Forest Hills Campsite
  • The Green Leaf Camping Site
  • Season’s Best Campsite
  • Earth Supply Campsite
  • Level-up Camping Site For Kids
  • Year-Round Camping Site
  • Match Made In Heaven Camping Site
  • Wooden Valley Camping Site
  • Military Boys Camping Site
  • Western Love Camping Site
  • Green Outdoor Nature Camp
  • Blue Arrow Nature Camp
  • Tent Camping Site
  • Mountain Escape Camping Site
  • Eastside National Park
  • Nature’s Beauty National Park
  • Blue Mountain Northern Forest Camping Site
  • Evergreen Harbor Nature
  • Green Lake Nature Camping Site
  • Grounded Geeks Camping Site
  • Habitual Campers
  • The Big Foot Camping Site
  • Campers United Nature Park
  • All Seasons Camping Site
  • All Girls Camping Site
  • Camping Squad Nature Park
  • Serious Campers Nature Park
  • The Bee Keeper Camping Ground
  • A Relaxing Camping Site
  • The Closed Campers
  • Alone With Nature Camping Site
  • Might Boots Camping Site
  • Collaborative Campfire

Catchy Campsite Names

  • The Phantom’s Camping Site
  • Hillside Creek
  • Camping Adventure’s World
  • Midnight Campers
  • Pine Crest Camping Site
  • Thousand Trees Campsite
  • Hey Summer Ranch
  • Fire Wood Campsite
  • Camping Collective
  • The Mighty Camping Hub
  • Outdoor Retreat Camping Site
  • Blue Bees Camping Ground
  • Heaven’s Tent Camping Site
  • Nature Lovers Camping Ground
  • The Greenest Camping Site
  • Adventure Time Camp Site
  • Eagle Eye Campsite
  • Far Away Land Camp Site
  • Thunderbird Nature Reserve
  • Firefly Adventures Camping Site
  • The Big Boise Camp Ground
  • Evergreen Harbor Camping Site
  • Legendary Campers Village
  • Eastern Texas National Park
  • Land Grove Camping Site
  • Big Tree Camping Site
  • Nature’s Trail Camping Site
  • Red Mouth’s Trail Campsite
  • Mountain Hills Trail Park
  • The Henderson Camping Spot
  • Sky Land Start Park
  • Fair Ground Camping Site
  • Little Marine Camping Ground
  • Camping Season 24/7
  • Ray Of Sunshine Camping Site
  • Old Music Camping Site
  • The Big Bear Camping Ground
  • Winter Night Camp Site
  • Mystic Nights Trail Camping Site
  • Summer Dreams National Park
  • Sunshine Valley Camping Site
  • Sweet Sugar Camping Park
  • The Camping Kings
  • The Camp Site Master
  • Treehouse Camping Site
  • Major Kelly Camping Site
  • Wooden Relocation Nature Lodge
  • The Peterson Tenting Site
  • Thunderbird Camping Reserve
  • The Good Girls Camping Site
  • Mountain View Minor Camping Lodge
  • Foxberry Nature Trail
  • The Lone Bridge Camping Trail
  • Midway Trail Camping Site
  • The Fighting Kennel Camping Site

Campground Name Ideas

  • Black Cloud Campground
  • East Valley Campground
  • Brody’s Campground For Kids
  • Belington Boys Campground
  • Summer Love Campground
  • Feisty Campers Lodging
  • Backpacker’s Camping Ground
  • Bright Binocular’s Camping Lodge
  • Boots On The Grass Camping Ground
  • Bug Finders Lodging
  • Villager’s Navigation Camping Ground
  • White Marshmallow Camping Ground
  • Sleeping Bag Lodging
  • Brown Torch Camping Ground
  • Fine Ground Campfire
  • Jungle World Forest Site
  • Chocolate Ground Campsite
  • Winterberry Countryside
  • Scouts Village Campground
  • Tight Rope Nature Cabins
  • Green Trees Terrain
  • Almost Rotten Campground
  • Easy Campgrounds
  • Polar Bear Campground
  • Kids Only Camping Ground
  • Summer Sun Campground
  • Straight Valley Campground

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  • Midnight Sun Camping Ground
  • Oasis Spring Campground
  • Jolly Campground
  • Valley East Camping Ground
  • Sky Tower Camping Ground
  • Western Tree Head Camping Ground
  • Dessert Rain Camping Ground
  • Wood Luck Camping Ground
  • Timberland Camping Ground
  • Tree Grove Campground
  • Sunnyside Woodland Camping Ground
  • Rockwell Grove Campground
  • Lush Timber Campground
  • Steady Stare Campground
  • Valley Ready Camping Ground
  • Olympic State Campground
  • Making Memories Campground
  • The Wooden Campground
  • Pleasant Adventures Camping Ground
  • Whispering Pines Campground
  • The Big Boys Campground
  • No Boys Allowed Camping Ground

Funny Campsite Name Ideas

  • Snowy Mountain View Campsite
  • The Little Beetles Campsite
  • Furry Friends Lodging
  • Easy Camper Lodging
  • Big Bear Campsite
  • Welsh Greenery Campsite For Kids
  • Always Open Camping Site For Everyone
  • The Best Camping Site Ever
  • Rock Glazier Family Camping Site
  • Merry Go Round Camping Site
  • The Principal’s Camping Ground
  • Your Childhood Camping Site
  • The Middle Ground Camping Site
  • The End Of The Rainbow Camping Ground
  • Visual Valley Camping Site For Kids
  • The Dark Heaven’s Camping Site
  • See It Or Believe It Camping Site For Kids
  • The Deserted Camping Site
  • Miracle Sight Camping Site
  • Elevated Terrain Camping Site
  • The Blue Ridge Trail Camping Site
  • Mineral Springs Nature Trail Camping Site
  • Clear Skies Camping Site
  • The Hedgehog Trail Nature Camping Site
  • Lion Mountain Nature Reserve
  • The Valley Golf Camping Site
  • Hope Island Camping Site
  • The Clear Waters Camping Trail
  • Adventure-Ready Camping Grounds
  • Seasonal Edge Camping Trail
  • Feisty Campers Nature Lodge
  • Camp Fire Beauty
  • The Camper’s Den
  • The Camper’s Number One Choice
  • Nowhere To Go Camping Site
  • The Edge Of Road Camping Ground
  • Lights Off Camping Site
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer Camping Ground
  • Better Days Coming Camping Site
  • Camping Nowhere Nature Lodge
  • Falling Trees Camping Site
  • Heaven’s Gates Camping Ground
  • Lost River Camping Site
  • The Lost Soul’s Camping Site
  • The Fighting Spirit’s Camping Ground
  • Mountain Warriors Camping Ground
  • The Parent Trap Camping Grounds
  • The Monster’s Choice Camping Ground
  • Easy Willow Camping Site
  • The Famous Camping Site
  • Never Forgotten Camping Site
  • The Stray Wanders Camping Site
  • The Wonderers Camping Ground
  • Match Maker Summer Camping Site
  • Hale The Whale Camping Site
  • The Fighting Tiger Camping Ground
  • Willow Mellow Camping Site For Kids
  • The Big Bears Club Camping Site For Kids
  • Street Fighters Camping Site
  • Subtle Subway Camping Site
  • Above And Beyond Camping Site
  • The Free Birds Camping Site
  • The Old Man’s Camping Ground
  • The Beautiful Sunset View Camping Site
  • The Red Ants Camping Site
  • Marshmallow Madness Camping Site
  • The White Marshmallow Camping Site
  • Campfire Song Camping Site For Kids
  • The Cold Rain’s Camping Site

My 255+ Creative Family Campsite Name Ideas You Can Use (4)

The best thing about camping is being one with nature.

Family Campsite Name Ideas

  • Big Heart Campsite
  • Green Valley Family Campsite
  • Little Hands Camping Site
  • Turtle Heart Campsite
  • River Runs Campsite
  • Big Family Camping Site
  • Big Campers Nature Lodge
  • Long Bridge Camping Site
  • Camping Zone 101
  • Camp Kids Nature Lodge
  • Mama Bear’s Nature Camp
  • Pitching Tent Camping Site
  • Willow Head Camping Lodge
  • Bear Cuddles Camping Site
  • Bedside Camping Dreams
  • Daddy’s Best Camping Ranch
  • Twin Lakes Camping Site
  • Colorado Family Camping Site
  • New Whales Nature Camp Site
  • Day & Night Camping Site
  • Camp Out
  • Grizzly Bear Nature Lodge Camping Site
  • The Camping Post
  • The Fisherman’s Camping Site
  • Royal Camping Nature Reserve
  • Your Little Camping Ground
  • Earth Collides Camping Ground
  • The Outer Tent Camping Site
  • Major League Camping Site
  • The Colonial Tent Camping Site
  • Slamming Camping Ranch
  • Grandma’s Sweet Camping Site
  • Nostalgic Spot Camping Ground
  • The Big Family Camp

My 255+ Creative Family Campsite Name Ideas You Can Use (5)

Some people sleep in a tent or camper van when they go camping.

Camping Name Ideas

  • Trail Adventures Camping
  • Fortress Pines Camping Hub
  • Traveling Tent
  • Water Bucket Camping
  • Basement Campers
  • Eagle Nest Camping
  • Purple Star Camping
  • Maple Story
  • Olympic Camping
  • Northern Camping Tree
  • Adventure Ridge Camping
  • Retro Miles Camping
  • Vanishing Point Camping
  • Outdoor Loving Campsite
  • Southern Story Camping
  • Pink Arrow Camping
  • Camping Fire
  • Nature’s Camp
  • Lake Virginia Camping
  • Carolyn Steel Camping
  • Fuel Camp
  • Travel In Tents
  • Gentle Tents
  • Campers Collective
  • Blackboard Oasis
  • Expert Camping
  • Camping Traditions
  • Basecamp Village
  • Basecamp Creative Camping
  • Outdoor Camping
  • Under The Stars Camping
  • Moonlight Beauty Camp
  • Campfire Suites
  • The Camping Plan
  • Forever Camping
  • Camping Safari
  • Camp Coronel
  • Scout Badge Camping
  • Big Better Campers
  • The Big Tent Camping
  • Pavilion Camping
  • Old Summer Camping Ground
  • The Camping Collective
  • The Deserted Camping
  • Fearless Camping
  • Orange County Camping
  • Tamarind Tree Camping
  • Old Campfire Tree
  • Sidewalk Camping
  • Vast Outdoor Camping
  • Little Camping Master
  • Backpacking Overnight
  • Backpacking Camping
  • Overnight Camping
  • The Royal Camping
  • Exotic Cabin
  • The Camping Cabin
  • The Flowery Nature Lodge Camping Site

Nature Camp Names

  • Mountain Top Nature Reserve
  • Heaven’s Best Nature Camp
  • Nature Walk Camping Site
  • Pleasant Hills Nature Lodge
  • Cold Breeze Countryside Nature Camp
  • Yellow Pine Trees Hillcrest Nature Camp
  • Beautiful Rainforest Camp
  • Black Meadow Nature Camp
  • River View Nature Reserve
  • Red Sea Camping Site
  • Open Valley Nature Camp Reservoir
  • Mountain Hill Countryside Lodge
  • Valley Coast Nature Camp
  • Greenfield Countryside Nature Camp
  • Mountain View Countryside Nature Lodge
  • Green Moss Nature Reserve
  • Green Paths Nature Side Camping Lodge
  • Rocky Mountains Nature Camp
  • High Mountain Wildlife Reserve
  • Camping Planet Nature Lodge
  • Midnight Summer Nature Camp
  • Sunshine Beauty Nature Lodge
  • Earth Wonder Countryside Camping Site
  • Nature Reserve Countryside Lodge
  • Rocky Cliff Nature Reserve
  • Madeline’s Countryside Camping Lodge
  • Open Field Nature Camp
  • Sweet Valley Nature Camping Site
  • Wild Tree Countryside Camping Site
  • The Big Bird Camping Site
  • Nature’s Path Nature Lodge
  • Green Soil Wildlife Reserve
  • Mountain Top Nature Camping Site
  • Sea View Camping Site

Virtual Camp Names

  • Camp Madness
  • Camp Tinkers United
  • Made Online Camp
  • Golden Campers
  • Little Tikes Camping Online
  • Online Meet Kindergarten Camping
  • Virtual Summer Camp
  • Camping Connected
  • WWW Camping Site
  • Camping Clouds Online
  • Live Camping Stories
  • Virtual Camping Playground
  • The Virtual Campfire

Glamping Name Ideas

  • Happy Glampers
  • Glamping Lounge
  • Fine Dazzle Glamping Site
  • Sunny Days Glamping
  • Styling Glamping
  • Camping Boots
  • Starlight Glampers
  • Under The Cloud Glamping
  • Fancy Glamping Boots
  • Great Lakes Glamping Spot
  • All The Youth Glamping
  • Smile Glamping
  • Glamorous Tents
  • Wild Life Glamping
  • Adventure Glamping
  • Solo Glamping Beauty
  • Frilly Glamping Night
  • Easy Glamping
  • Wild Night Glamping
  • Weekend Glamping Experts
  • First Class Glamping Experience
  • Posh Glamping
  • Evening Talk Glamping
  • Glamping Outlet
  • Top Glamping Class
  • Classified Glamping
  • Trailer Park Glamping
  • Backpacker’s United Glamping
  • Posh Camping Site
  • Make It Glamping
  • Glampers Night
  • Premium Camping Experience
  • Grandy Vale Glamping
  • Double Grade Glamping
  • Lake Square Glamping
  • Main Stream Glamping
  • Grumpy Glamping
  • Glamour Glamping

Why did I decide to buy a camper van? To me, it seemed like a fun way to vacation that was less stress than buying a trailer or larger unit. I didn’t want to end up paying $75 a month or more just to store a camper trailer I only used four – five times per year. I wanted something I could keep at my house and hit the road with whenever we felt like it.

In addition, it will be nice to get into more rural areas and totally disconnect. Being outdoors and surrounded by nature is healing and beneficial to one’s body and mind. Aside from it being a quick adventure away from home, there is something magical about sleeping under the night sky.

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For kids and teens, camping offers the opportunity to have a different set of experiences. Some parents plan camping trips with their families to encourage the children to spend time outdoors, learn basic survival skills, and develop an appreciation for nature.

According to the latest research, there were more than 10 million households who went camping for the first time in 2020. Needless to say that camping continues to attract more people each year, including my family.

By the way, if you’re in the market for a camper van of your own I just added a new section to the website that allows our readers to list their units for sale. These camper vans can be hard to find right now so I’m excited for this new section of the website.

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My 255+ Creative Family Campsite Name Ideas You Can Use (6)

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