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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (7)

Danby Refrigerators Reviews (8)

Karen of Edmonton, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 20, 2023

What a waste of money buying a Danby fridge... Bought one from Costco and it lasted just as long as the extended warranty...I got just over 5 years on it. Save your money by not buying this junk product.

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (9)

Sam of Aiken, SC Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 25, 2022

Fantastic product. Exceeded all expectations. A true workhorse. Located in my hot garage. Beverages at 33 degrees. Don't hesitate to purchase. Tremendous value. I rarely write a review but I felt that I must share

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (10)

Klaus of Calgary, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 17, 2022

I had bought a Danby fridge from Costco. I had to take the product back 4 times before I received one without damage. The fourth time before I took it home I ask them to remove it from the box for a visual inspection. It worked for 3 years and broke down, it wasn't worth the money to repair it and off to the landfill site it went! DON'T Buy Danby Products from CHINA!!!

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (11)

Brandon of Oshawa, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 25, 2022

Baught a portable Danby ac last last July 2021 from Costco for 500 dollars. Used it 3 months and went to pack it away. Well all the plastic clips went soft and broke. Horrible design and they must know it because the only thing their Warranty wouldn't cover was any of the parts with these flimsy clips. How convenient. It's been a absolute crappy experience. Shoppers beware.

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (12)

Cathy of Vancouver, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 13, 2022

Called on March 21st about freezer not working. Danby had me arrange for repair which came in 2 days. It was decided that I would need a new fridge that was covered under warranty. I have roughly 15 emails pleading with this company to send new fridge. 2 weeks ago they wanted the tenant to cut the cord on the fridge and send pictures otherwise it wouldn’t be covered under warranty. I explained that the tenant would not do that until she received her new fridge as it was only the freezer which was broken. She said they would make an exception. 6 days ago the fridge conked out as well so another 5 or more emails urging them to deliver the fridge.

I called 4 days ago and was advised that the fridge would come that day (no warning). I reached the tenant to advise she stayed home all day as did I and no fridge showed up. I called the next day and was told the delivery man called the tenant but she didn’t answer. I asked what number they called and it was the wrong number! I gave her the correct phone number again. I have an email that I had sent Danby with not only the tenant's phone number but mine as well. Still no fridge delivered so I called back and she advised that they would be calling the tenant so on a lark I asked her what number she had and again it was the wrong number!

I called on Wednesday morning and asked Transport when the fridge would be coming she states that it had to be arranged through Danby! The woman I had been dealing with had told me all delivery questions were handled through transport company. Then to top it all off they don’t bring the fridge inside (even into the lobby). The driver wanted $25 to take it off the lift!!!! I asked Transport to deliver it to tenant and was advised this had to be arranged through Danby. Called Danby they said it was up to Transport. I will NEVER again do any business with Danby and I strongly recommend that you don’t either. If there was an option for no stars that’s what I would have picked. I had requested a manager or supervisor call me and did not receive a call.

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (13)

Elisabeth Lynn of Cornish Flat, NH Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 17, 2022

April 2020 I ordered the above washing machine. It worked for four months. At which point it stopped spinning the water out on at least the last cycle. I was given no option but to email a repair request. In response I was given a list of repair shops, all over an hour away. The one shop on the list that actually repaired washing machines refused to come because of the distance. Next Danby expected me to do their work to find and contact a local shop to do the repair with the promise Danby would pay them. Horse**. I'm still sitting here with a broken washer. I don't have the money to buy a new one and they won't honor their warranty. So, instead I pick and choose what to bring to a laundromat half an hour away each week. Don't buy. It'll break in months and you'll be stuck.

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (14)

melissa of Chowchilla, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 20, 2022

I work for a prison medical facility and we ordered three of the Danby Compact Refrigerator Model# DH016A1W. The control panel on one of the refrigerators did not allow me to change any of the information, (date, time, Celsius to Fahrenheit). I followed the directions exactly, nothing was changing. I called the Danby customer service line and all they did was read the instructions to me, the instructions that I had already followed. She then asked me to unplug it and plug it back in, which I had already done before she said anything, it still did not work. She said she would pass this on to another rep.

So I was contacted via email from another rep and all he did was send me the directions that I already had. I replied to his email saying that I had already followed all of the directions but it is still not working, this is what I got back from him: "Sometimes instructions can be confusing. In order to proceed to the program menu just follow this procedure. Press and hold the Set button and the down arrow button at the same time for 5 seconds to enter the programming menu. Note that if no buttons are pressed within 10 seconds, the control panel will close the selection menu. Sincerely, Jake."

Really? I found this email very insulting and I wrote him and email stating this fact and that I was able to set up the other two refrigerators without any problem and that this one fridge is obviously not working and this is his reply: "I am sorry if I made you feel this way. Please try to hard reset this unit by unplugging from the power source for 5-10 minutes then plug it back in. Try setting up once more the date and time. If still not working, send us a copy of your proof of purchase so we can look at your options. Sincerely, Jake."

That is one of the first things I tried, at this point I have given up on trying to work with Jake. This customer service is no help at all and it has taken me a whole day just to get to this point. Jake could not even pick up a phone and call knowing that I was getting frustrated. The other two refrigerators are working fine so far, although one has dents and scratches and one is missing a screw for the door handle. If we were not so desperate for these refrigerators I would send them all back for a refund. I have contacted the company that I purchased these from and told her the trouble I have been having with Danby and she said she will get this handled.

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (15)

maribeth of Orange, CT Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: June 14, 2021

My Danby Silhouette Beverage Center is in need of repair. Everything is warm, fans on but no cooling. NO ONE will repair it; I have called the recommended repair techs on the Danby support site and they are either out of state or do not repair Danby Beverage Coolers. So I started to call local appliance repairmen and not one after five calls will repair Danby. I called and Danby Customer Support line and it is CLOSED. So I have been sending emails, I have a case number but its been over two weeks and no solution or repairmen. I will have to purchase a new beverage center and it definitely will NOT A DANBY!

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (16)

Gisele of Hanmer, ON Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 17, 2021

I bought a Danby all fridge in August of 2018, it is now March of 2021, not even 3 years old, and it is starting to act up. Compressor keeps running. Emailed the company, and so sorry your warranty is up. I will stay away from anything Danby, and so should everyone else.

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Danby Refrigerators Reviews (17)

Betsy of Palm Desert, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 26, 2021

I live in a very small space, so I need a compact mini refrigerator with a top freezer & bottom area to store food obviously that overall doesn’t take up a lot of room? When shopping online (looking) Danby had some nice designs. We’ll see.

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