5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (2023)

Hand seals were once the backbone of Naruto. Weaving these hand signs correctly is essential for performing powerful Ninjutsu techniques. The amount of hand seals required vary for each technique. The highest is 44 and the lowest is one. The Water Release Jutsus typically have the most hand seals needed.

However, when a Shinobi has a lot of experience, they can decrease the amount of hand seals needed. A perfect example of this is Tobirama using only one hand sign to perform the Water Dragon Bullet Technique.

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5 Ninjutsu techniques that have the most hand signs to necessary to weave

1) Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique

This Jutsu has the greatest number of hand seals out of every Jutsu in the series. It has a total of 44 hand seals that need to be perfectly weaved before the large water dragon is manifested.

During his fight with Zabuza, Kakashi used his Sharingan to copy this Jutsu when Zabuza was using it. Although Shinobi can weave hand seals at the speed of light, Kakashi and Zabuza spent forever during their fight to perform this Jutsu.

2) Water Release: Four Sharks Rain

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (1)

This Jutus was used only by Kisame Hoshigaki and is a powerful Water Style technique. Four Sharks Rain takes the water from a nearby source and transforms it into four large shark-shaped projectiles, which move incredibly fast towards the target. Whenever each shark is destroyed, it breaks into mini water sharks that are the size of water droplets.

To use this Jutsu, the user must quickly weave 12 hand seals, two of which are hand seals specific to the Jutsu.

3) Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (2)

The Water Shark Bullet Technique is the parent Jutsu of the Four Sharks Rain technique. This Jutsu also manipulates a body of water and transforms it into a shark. However, the shark attacks the target directly and is capable of mauling someone to death with its sharp teeth. The shark can also act as a form of transportation, and Kisame was shown riding it through the air in the anime.

To use this Jutsu, the Shinobi must weave 10 hand seals. This is one of the Water Style Jutsus with the most hand signs, but it is still much easier to use than the Water Dragon Bullet Technique.

4) Dead Demon Consuming Seal

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (3)

This special type of Fuinjutsu is a S-rank Jutsu and one of the strongest sealing Jutsus in the series. It was first developed by the Uzumaki Clan and it summons a Shinigami, or Death god. The Jutsu was thought to be so secret that even Orochimaru had no knowledge of its existence until later in the series.

To use this sealing Jutsu, users must weave nine hand seals and clap their hands.

5) Lightning Release: Chidori

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (4)

This technique was created by Kakashi and is one of Sasuke's most iconic Jutsus. When using this technique, the user cloaks their hand in electricity and gains incredible piercing power. To master this technique, the Sharingan must be used at the same time as it counters the tunnel vision developed.

Sasuke is usually seen performing the Chidori without any hand signs. However, for the average Shinobi to use this Jutsu, they must weave 10 hand signs. This Jutsu has also been seen activating after only three hand seals.

5 Ninjutsu techniques that require no effort to weave hand seals

1) Shadow Clone Technique

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (5)

The Shadow Clone Technique is by no means an easy Jutsu to master. This is thanks to its immense toll on the user's chakra reserves. When the Jutsu is used and shadow clones are made, the user splits their chakra evenly amongst themselves and their clones.

However, the hand seals needed for this technique are incredibly simple. In fact, Shinobi only have to weave one hand seal in order to create their clones. The hand seal is typically the clone seal, as seen in the image above, or it can be the Tiger or Horse hand signs as well.

2) Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (6)

This technique was utilized by only the second and third Tsuchikage in Naruto and the third Tsuchikage's fabrications in Boruto. It is also known as Kekkei Tota, a much more advanced version of the Kekkei Genkai. The Detachment of the Primitive World Technique creates a cube-shaped construct that is capable of turning anything it comes in contact with into dust.

Despite being incredibly powerful, this Jutsu requires only three hand seals to be used.

3) Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (7)

This Jutsu is a much stronger derivation of the Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique. Like its parent Jutsu, the Greak Shark Bullet Technique uses a nearby body of water to conjure a gigantic shark made of water. However, the shark is also able to drain the chakra from any attacks the target uses, so it gets stronger the more the opponent attacks.

The hand signs for this Jutsu are incredibly simple. The user must clap their hands together, then form the Snake hand sign, and finally use a hand seal specific to this Jutsu.

4) Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (8)

This technique is one of Iwagakure's most basic techniques, but it can become incredibly powerful when the user has good chakra control. Its true potential is realized when multiple Shinobi use this technique at the same it.

To use Tearing Earth Turning Palm, users must weave three hand signs. The Boar and Ox seals are specific to this technique.

5) Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning Technique

5 Jutsus with the most difficult hand signs in Naruto (& 5 that are easy to copy) (9)

Asuma Sarutobi is the most notable user of this technique. He spews out a large amount of gunpowder infused with chakra from his mouth, blinding and possibly covering the target. Once this happens, Asuma produces a small spark and lights the gunpowder on fire. This causes a large explosion and can easily incapacitate an opponent.

The hand signs for this technique are very simple. Asuma weaves the Snake sign, then Rat, Snake, and finally Tiger.

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