20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (2023)

Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends and creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Children love Christmas but keeping them engaged in the house all day can be a bit challenging. Don’t worry because with Christmas crafts, they can have a constant source of entertainment!

So, we’re here with the best way to keep kids engaged – Christmas crafts! ! Let’s look at the top 20 crafts that you can enjoy making with your kids.

Bags with snowflakes

You can carry this bag anywhere you want.

Materials required: Rubber stamps and paper bags

To make: The easiest way to produce the snowflakes is to use snowflake rubber stamps available in any departmental store. Use shades of blue like light blue, dark blue, and white ink to imprint them on the front of brown paper bags. Make two holes on the top of the bag with a small round hole punch. Thread a length of red and white baker’s twine through the holes and tie it off.

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Thumbprint ornaments of reindeer

With the cute reindeer ornament that doubles as a sweet childhood remembrance, you can freeze your kids’ tiny fingerprints forever in time! These would be wonderful homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents.

Materials required: Colours and paper

To make: You can easily make this with your toddlers or kids who are still too young to use glue and scissors. Take the impressions of your toddlers on paper and make a reindeer on the thumb by drawing.

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Christmas tree with handprints from family

This family tree version is a wonderful way to incorporate the entire family.

Materials required: Colourful papers, scissors

To make: All you need to do is take impressions of hands from the eldest member of the family to the youngest one. Arrange them in ascending order and glue them.

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Wreath made of tissue paper

These wreaths are simple to create and inexpensive, and they make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents.

Materials required: Some colorful tissue papers and pompoms

To make: Just arrange the tissue papers in the form of a wreath and decorate it with some sequins and pompoms.

(Video) 20+ Easy and nice Christmas art and crafts ideas for kids

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Jingle bells all the way

This is a wreath with a twist.

Materials required: Lots of Christmas bells and a ribbon

To make: Three lengths of ribbon are threaded with huge jingle bells; one end of the ribbon is knotted. Tie the unknotted end of the ribbon around a miniature wreath to form or a circle of wire. Attach a tiny bunch of seasonal greenery to the wreath or circle formed with wire. Tie a big bow and attach it to the wire immediately above the plant with hot glue.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (5)

Candy ornaments made of felt

If your family is a dessert lover then this is the perfect thing for your kids to prepare. Let them make these in a variety of arrangements as felt candy ornaments come in a variety of sizes and forms.

Materials required: Felt candies

To make: These treats are just like a splash of colours in the eyes and they are amazing. Just use the candies and make shapes as you like.

You can just combine felt candies of different colors like red and white, take them together, and twist. Bend the end to make the handle of the cane and Voila! Now, you made your own Christmas decorations with felt candies.

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Tree made of tin cans

Do your youngsters enjoy putting bricks together? If that is the case, your kids are going to love this craft. This craft is one of the easiest to make, but it is very fun at the same time.

Materials required: Empty tin cans and some decorative items of your choice

To make: Remove any sharp edges from old food cans and paint them green to repurpose them. Arrange the cans on top of one another and decorate them with sequins pompoms and ribbons to complete the look.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (7)

Cloche with Dinosaurs

This adorable cloche, which features a fashionable gold dinosaur and a painted pinecone, is easy to make and give as a present.

Materials required: Empty glass can, a dinosaur, and a pine cone

To make: Assimilate the materials as seen in the given picture and enjoy.

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Ornaments with beaded snowflakes

These elegant and lovely snowflake ornaments make a wonderful DIY present idea! They’re very easy to make and just require a few basic items!

Materials required: Snowflake shaped beads, gum, and some wire

To make: Make jewelry of your choices like earrings and wristbands and give your kids the look of Elsa from Frozen. These can be made by children as young as toddlers, though smaller children will require adult aid in bending the wire ends.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (9)

Christmas slime with peppermint

It’s a great way to incorporate Christmas colors and scents into your slime making!

Materials required: Peppermint of red green and white color

To make: Mash the peppermints and make slime out of them. Also, don’t forget to make different shapes that are attractive to look at. With its stunning green and red sparkles, this slime recipe is a great science and sensory exercise for youngsters.

Ornaments with glitter

These glitter ornaments are easy to make and will add a little glitz to your tree.

Materials required: Colourful balls and lots of multicolored glitters

To make: Fill clear plastic ball decorations with a variety of colored glitter confetti. To create the illusion of snow, use white glitter. Decorate the Christmas balls with glitter and add some sequins and cut-outs to them to make them look even more attractive.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (11)

Christmas art with salt painting

This winter wonderland craft is suitable for children of all ages and abilities.

Materials required: Salt, paint, and some tape

To make: Use tape to create a design, and then paint around it, salting the wet paint as you go. Once the tape and salt have dried, remove them to see your masterpiece.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (12)

Stained glass with tissue paper

Stained glass artwork can be used to decorate your windows. Make layered tissue paper Christmas light forms and attach them to your window.

Materials required: Different color tissue papers and glue

(Video) 20 Christmas Craft Fair Ideas - Holiday DIY Gifts - 3D Crafts - Stocking Stuffers & More

To make: Attach different color tissue papers to your glass windows in varied patterns or just abstract. They look amazing when you turn on the lights in the room. You and your neighbors will be able to appreciate their beauty as the light shines through them.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (13)

Make your own snow globes

If you live in a warm environment, get into the mood of winter by creating a snowy wonderland with your kids.

Materials required: Empty glass jar, your favorite miniature toy, sawdust, or pieces of porcelain

To make: Apply glue to the interior of the lid of the jar. Put your child’s plastic figurine on top of it and put it in place. Fill the container halfway with ice water. Stir in 1-2 tablespoons of glitter. Place the lid on. If you’re worried about your toddler trying to open it, you can glue it shut.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (14)

Popcorn with a melted snowman

Make holiday gifts for your children’s teachers with them.

Materials required: Popcorn medley, edible eyes, and chocolate sticks, and some orange sour candies

To make: Fill the beautiful jars with this popcorn medley that you have prepared with your choice of ingredients. Then get out the art items and make a snowman out of the jar. This delightful delicacy can also be given as a gift to friends or neighbors. Arrange the products to make a snowman and then deconstruct it and enjoy the dish!

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (15)

Puppet Reindeer

Puppets are entertaining to play with and may also be used as cute greeting cards. Your children can present these to their classmates or teachers if you include a smart message inside.

Materials required: Old sock and some paper cut-outs

To make: You may easily make these deer head puppets with items you already have in your craft kit. Stuff the sock with some old paper or cloth. Attach pieces of paper to make it look like a reindeer.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (16)

Make your own paper lights

Make your own brightly colored holiday lights.

Materials required: Paper and glue

To make: Cut and fold the paper in a geometrical shape like a honeycomb, or multiple cones and then attach them to ends to make it look like a lampshade. These easy-to-make paper lights can be strung on a tree, hung in a window, or displayed on a mantle.

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See here how you can make this Christmas craft:

Christmas wreath with handprints

Assist your child in creating holiday decor that they will be happy to display on the front door.

Materials required: Colourful papers and some decorative items

To make: Make impressions of your hand in the paper and cut them out and arrange them in the form of a wreath. Add any other embellishments, such as berries or bows, and if desired attach a few decorative items to complete the look.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (18)

Santa Claus on a paper plate

Here’s how you can make Santa Claus on a paper plate easily.

Materials required: Paper plate, cotton balls, and paper cut-outs

To make: On a paper plate, draw a Santa face. Cut out a circle for the head and a triangle for the cap with your child’s help. For the beard and the top of the hat, glue cotton balls on. Add eyes, a nose, and plenty of glitter for the finishing touches.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (19)

Beautiful pine cones

Collect and paint pinecones for a holiday craft that incorporates nature.

Materials required: Pinecones and some colors and glitter

To make: Acrylic paints in a range of hues can be used. Color the pine cones with shades of your choice and add glitter to enhance the look. These pine cones can be used to decorate the mantel or hung on the tree.

20 Christmas Crafts for Kids That Are Easy to Make at Home (20)

Staying indoors and making crafts with your kids is a great way to beat the cold. Christmas crafts are a fun way to keep your kids entertained while also allowing them to express their creativity.

These gifts are the perfect thing that one can present their loved ones with a sense of personal touch. They’ll become enjoyable and long-lasting Christmas traditions if you do them every year.

After going through the list we hope you have already figured out your favorites. Make sure to try them with your kids and family and have a gala time. We wish you and your family a joyful and fun-filled holiday season. Merry Christmas!!


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What can I sell on a Christmas stall? ›

People like to visit modern Christmas markets to look at unique gifts that they can give to family or friends as a present, or as an ornament piece to decorate their homes. These could range from handmade candles, wax melts, pottery, jewellery, traditional toys, Christmas decorations and more.

How do you make Christmas tree decorations for kids? ›

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