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100 Baby Girl Names Beginning With D - (Modern, Traditional & Unique Ideas) (1)

Still looking for that perfect name for your beautiful baby girl? Here we have a lovely collection of one hundred names for girls that begin with the letter D.

Choosing a name for your little one is a pretty special job.

It’s a privilege to give your child the name they’ll carry with them throughout their life.

But for lots of us, that comes with a deep sense of responsibility.

How do you find the right name?

Where do you even start?

How will you know when you’ve finally got it?

Talk to any other person and they’ll give you their opinions about what’s important when naming your child.

Some will tell you that popular names should be avoided; others will warn you against choosing an unusual name, or one that’s difficult to spell; and some will tell you that choosing a traditional name is the safest bet.

Ultimately, this is your choice.

Whatever name you choose, your family and friends will learn to love it once it’s attached to your child.

Don’t worry about what other people think.

Actually, that’s solid advice for parenting in general!

Take a deep breath and enjoy the journey of discovering a name that just feels right.

And when it comes to knowing how to start? Try starting with the first letter. Pick a letter and explore names that start with that letter.

We’re here to help, with this lowdown of names beginning with the dazzling letter D.

You’ll find a real mix of ideas including traditional names such as Daisy and Deborah.

Extremely modern names like Daelyn and Daija.

And some that are completely unique, including Devam and Darany.

And we’ve included a quick summary of the meaning of each name to help you make sure it fits.

We hope you find the perfect one!

  1. Daelyn — An English name, originally meaning ‘small valley’.
  1. Dahlia — A Spanish name based on a Mexican flower, the Dahlia.
  1. Dalila — An African name meaning ‘gentle’.
  1. Daisy — An English name based on a white and yellow flower, the Daisy.
  2. Daivelys — Rooted in a Hebrew name meaning ‘name of God’.
  3. Dajah or Daija — A European name meaning ‘already’, or ‘remembrance’.
  4. Dallas — A Scottish name based on a local area called Dallas.
  5. Dalia — Variation on Dahlia; meaning ‘gentle’.
  6. Dally — Derived from an Irish surname, meaning ‘assembly’.
  7. Damaris — A Greek name meaning ‘sweet, intelligent, gentle’.
  8. Dana — A Danish name based on the Goddess of fertility.
  9. Danaerys or Danerys — Derived from the Greek name ‘Aris’, meaning ‘excellent purpose’.
  10. Dani — Derived from the Hebrew boy’s name ‘Daniel’, meaning ‘God is my judge’.
  11. Dania — Also derived from ‘Daniel’; sometimes meaning ‘close’, or ‘near’.
  12. Daniella — Derived from the Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my judge’.
  13. Danielle — Another variation rooted in the boy’s name ‘Daniel’.
  14. Danika — A Slavic name meaning ‘morning star’.
  15. Danita — Meaning ‘determined’ and ‘strong’.
  16. Danni — Another modern variation of the Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my judge.’
  17. Danova — A name with qualities of leadership; meaning ‘creative’ and ‘strong’.
  18. Daphne or Daphnee — A Greek name based on the Bay or Laurel tree.
  19. Dara — A Hebrew name meaning ‘compassion’, or ‘pearl of wisdom’.
  20. Darany — A Sanskrit name meaning ‘star’.
  21. Darci — Darcy or D’Arcy. An Irish name meaning ‘dark’.
  22. Darla — An English name derived from the old English word ‘dearling’.
  23. Darleane — An Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘tenderly loved’.
  24. Darlen — An Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘little darling’.
  25. Darlene — A variation on ‘Darleane’ and ‘Darlen’.
  26. Darling — An English name meaning ‘beloved’.
  27. Darya — A Persian name meaning to ‘hold firm the good’, or meaning ‘sea’.
  28. Dasani — A European name meaning ‘water’.
  29. Dasera — An Indian name referring to the holy River Ganga.
  30. Dasha — A Russian name meaning ‘wealthy’ or ‘prosperous’.
  31. Dawsyn — Derived from the biblical name ‘David’.
  32. Daveigh — An American variation of the name ‘David’, used for girls or boys.
  33. Davi — A modern variation of ‘David’, meaning ‘cherished’.
  34. Davina — A feminine form of ‘David’.
  35. Davinee — A variation of the feminine form of ‘David’.
  36. Dawn — An Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘awakening’.
  37. Dayanara — A Spanish name meaning ‘destroyer’.
  38. Dayanna — Rooted in Latin, meaning ‘divine’.
  39. Deanna or Deannah — A Latin name meaning ‘fertile’ or ‘divine’.
  40. Decadence — A name with Latin roots, meaning ‘to fall down’.
  41. Debbie — A shortened version of the Hebrew name ‘Deborah’, who was a prophetess.
  42. Deja — A French name meaning ‘remember’ or ‘already seen’.
  43. Destiny — An English name meaning ‘fate’ or ‘fortune’.
  44. Desiree or Desirae — A French name meaning ‘desired’.
  45. Delilah — A Hebrew name meaning ‘delight’.
  46. Delaina — A Gaelic name meaning ‘descendent of the challenger’.
  47. Delaney — A shortened version of the Gaelic name ‘Magdalena’.

100 Baby Girl Names Beginning With D - (Modern, Traditional & Unique Ideas) (2)

  1. Denise — Derived from ‘Dionysus’, the Pagan god of wine.
  2. Delean — Meaning ‘strong’ and ‘practical’.
  3. Denim — A name of French origin, based on the strong material used to make jeans.
  4. Deon — An African-American name meaning ‘God’.
  5. Deasia — Derived from the French ‘deja’, meaning ‘remember’ or ‘already seen’.
  6. Dea — A Latin name meaning ‘Goddess’.
  7. Debra — A shortened version of the Hebrew name ‘Deborah’, a prophetess.
  8. Dena — An English name meaning ‘divine’.
  9. Delahaye — Of English and French origins, referring to a family of Lords.
  10. Destinee — Based on the Greek name meaning ‘fortune’ or ‘fate’.
  11. Denane — An Irish name meaning ‘descendant of the deacon’.
  12. Deborah — A Hebrew name referring to the prophetess who called battle against invaders.
  13. Delia — Derived from the Greek moon Goddess ‘Artemis’.
  14. Delphine — A French name meaning ‘dolphin’.
  15. Deidra — An Irish name meaning ‘melancholy’.
  16. Deona — An English name meaning ‘divine’.
  17. Devi — A Sanskrit name meaning ‘Devi’, the Hindu mother goddess.
  18. Diana — Meaning ‘divine’; and also the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt.
  19. Diane or Dianne — French forms of ‘Diana’.
  20. Dior — A French name meaning ‘golden’.
  21. Dixie — From the Latin word meaning ‘tenth’.
  22. Divine — A modern variation of the Hebrew name, literally meaning ‘divine’.
  23. Divinity — A modern name meaning ‘divine’ or ‘inspiring awe’.
  24. Dionne — Derived from ‘Dionysius’, Greek god of wine.
  25. Dionna — An English name meaning ‘from the sacred spring’.
  26. Donabelle — A name of Greek origins, meaning ‘brilliance’.
  27. Dotty — An English name; short for ‘Dorothy’, meaning ‘Gift of God’.
  28. Dorothy — An English name with Greek origins, meaning ‘Gift of God’.
  29. Donna — An Italian name meaning ‘lady’.
  30. Dora — A Greek name, often short for ‘Theodora’ or ‘Dorothy’; meaning ‘Gift’.
  31. Donita — An Italian name meaning ‘world mighty’.
  32. Dominique — A French name meaning ‘belonging to God’.
  33. Doneal — An Irish or Hebrew name meaning ‘brave’ or ‘dark’.
  34. Donia — A Celtic name meaning ‘dark’.
  35. Dolores — A Spanish name meaning ‘sorrow’.
  36. Drew — A feminine version of ‘Andrew’.
  37. Dream — A modern name which literally means ‘dream’.
  38. Drusella or Drucella — Of Greek and Roman origins, meaning ‘fruitful’ or ‘dewy-eyed’.
  39. Dulce — A Latin name meaning ‘sweet’.
  40. Dune — A Scottish name of uncertain meaning; perhaps referring to coastal dunes.
  41. Dale — An English name meaning ‘lives in the valley’.
  42. Deangelis — An Italian name meaning ‘from the angels’.
  43. Dominga — A Spanish name meaning ‘born on Sunday’.
  44. Dominika — A Polish name of Latin origin, meaning ‘from the Lord’.
  45. Dido — A Greek name, after the Queen of Carthage.
  46. Donatella — An Italian name meaning ‘given by God’.
  47. Demeta — The feminine form of the Greek name Demetrius.
  48. Dakota — A Native American name meaning ‘friend’.
  49. Devam — An Indian name meaning ‘part of God’.
  50. Dayton — An English name meaning ‘day town’, or ‘light town’.

Dare to decide on a D name that makes your heart dance with delicious joy!

OK, we’ll stop using only words that begin with D now.

We hope this list helps you on your way to giving your new baby girl her forever name.

It’s such an exciting time!

Even if you didn’t find The One on this list, perhaps you’ve found inspiration; a name that almost fits, but not

quite. Use that inspiration to dig deeper and settle on a name that truly feels good.

If you’re searching for a name before your daughter is born, don’t forget that you don’t have to know for sure.

You can make a shortlist of names you love and then try them out when she’s here. There’s no pressure; if you’re struggling with the decision, take a break and let it simmer.

And if your daughter does join the global community of fabulous people with names starting with D (think Doris Day, Demi Moore, Dakota Fanning, Daphne du Maurier and Diana Ross!) then we’re glad to have helped.

Enjoy those precious early days with your new tiny person.

And one day, she’ll turn and say to you, “Hey Mom, thanks for giving me such a cool name.”

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